1. I never knew if I was next to a very handsome transman, a very gorgeous tomboy girl, a genderqueer person beyond good or evil or what… 
    Too cute for gender. 

  2. What androgyny tells to my trans-radar… 
    Almost done with the next strip. 


  3. Ha! I knew it would happen, somebody out there would get annoyed at the “little fag” thing in the last post… forgot I was a site where there is plenty of support but also, where people take things too seriously all the time. The way we talk to each other does not mean we do not support each other and you cannot judge a person’s attitude because a 600 pixel high panel in a comic. If I don’t get annoyed at it, why should you? I’m very sure about my masculinity as she is certain about her “butchy” feminity, and when you are certain of who and what you are, one does not take offense from a nuisance. ;) 

  4. The wonders of gender expression. 
    BTW, her work as a trans* ally has even been prized, like a multimedia issue she made for a rally organized by her university and Radio Netherland International (it’s in spanish, but it’s here: http://eltoque.com/slideshow/las-personas-transexuales-nacen-o-se-hacen ) *cries with pride*  

  5. Gustavito told me it was about time I started to draw again! 

  6. Russia has stained their hands with the blood of their own people. Every single day, people are killed in every corner in the world because of their way of loving, their way of living, their way of expressing their gender. Today I am outraged and angry: Russia has no games to celebrate as their country’s laws DO NOT represent the Olympic spirit. 
    Russians: my prayers are with you.

  7. A sign that is recognizable by a group of people is able to change compleately the way an image is read. The power of two lines is impressive… and it feels like a secret code. 
    I’m having an awfully hard week, but this idea that came out during a headache was interesting enough to share. 

  8. The Facebook page just hit the 1000 mark last night! <3 
    (The person being kissed is you!) 


  9. A gothic trans song!
    A song from one of my favorite bands: Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows. The mastermind is a lovely trans lady, who ranks as my favorite transfeminine famous person in the whole world. <3 

    The lyrics are not happy at all, but they are so sincere, I must share this. 

    The Woman I am no mirror can see,
    My breast are still small and my voice is so deep.
    The Woman I am unable (she cannot) feel love,
    I wish to cut my genitals and feed them to the dogs.
    The woman I am prepared to receive the pain.
    The needles shall burn only the ugly remains.
    Suppression is impossible, I must live it out,
    My true self is female how could I ever doubt…

  10. Sketchy thing… I know some people might get pissed off at this but honestly, I don’t care if this costs me a couple of followers. This is what I believe: we are all human beings and deserve respect. Not because we are trans, cis, latinos, caucasian, asian, black, male, female, rich, poor, christian, muslim, jewish, gay, straight, queer, etc… but because we are HUMANS and we are ALL children of this place we call Universe.